The Challenge Zone

at Mr. Putty’s Fun Park


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The Challenge Zone was designed to allow Kids and Adults to compete against each other in various games of Skill and Physical exertion (Guaranteed to tire you out)


Not quite Volley Ball not quite Basketball but tons of Fun

Human Whack-A-Mole

Take things up a notch with Human Whack-A-Mole at Mr. Putty’s Fun Park! A fun and exciting way to laugh and engage while collecting your dabloons in hopes of be declared winner, but not before getting whacked with the Whack-A-Hammer! And don’t worry, it’s full of air!

Shoot N Shower

Free throw Shout-Out Winner gets GLORY, loser takes a SHOWER

Balloon Blaster

Race to POP water balloon over your opponents head. Great for those southern summer days

Knock It Off

Skill required be the first to knock floating balls off their perch



Unlimited Until Exit (2 Tickets)$14

*Prices do not include Sales Tax


Waivers are required for all activities