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Tips for An Amazing Birthday Party

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Every Parent dreams of hosting the PERFECT Birthday Celebration for their child. The process can be a bit overwhelming given all the choices available and details required to ensure a great Birthday Celebration. Here are a few tips to help you from Mr. Putty's Fun park, who has hosted over 150 Birthday Parties in Charlotte NC in its first 2 years of operations.

1. What is your budget? Further narrowing down your choices based on birthday party place pricing will also help you select the correct venue.

2. How may guests are you expecting to invite? Ensuring there is adequate space an options for not only the childs' guest but parents and relatives of guests is an important consideration.

3. Location and indoors or outdoors? This will narrow down the choices of birthday party venues. If you decide on an outdoor birthday party location, know that weather could have a big impact on your celebration. Ensuring there are covered areas to seek shelter from the elements is key.

4. Party Logistics and Assistance? Does the Birthday party location/operator assist with things like online invitations/paper goods/liaison support before, during, and after the party? Asking questions before booking the party will help you get a sense of how much work you will have to do versus the host location.

5. Is the type of Party something different? Having the same type of party year in and year out is boring and diminishes the overall excitement and enthusiasm of both Birthday honoree and their guests. Are there multiple different activities to do or is it just one thing (ie Bowling, batting cages, etc.) or does the location have different things to keep the kids entertained.

6. Food and Beverage options? Are they adequate and of the type that kids and parents alike will find appealing?

Being "Parent of the Year" is no easy task, but taking your time, asking the right questions, and making the right choice around Birthday party selection can definitely improve your chances.

Be sure to check out our website at when doing your research. The below video will give you a good sense of what a Mr. Putty's Fun park Birthday Party is like.

If a Mr. Putty's Birthday Party seems to meet all of your requirements, you can book online at

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