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10 Benefits of Playing Miniature Golf

Updated: May 27, 2018

So you are trying to decide what you are going to do with your family or friends tonight? What would be the best activity for everyone? You’ve got lots of choices…movies, video games, boards games…what about putt-putt? Mini golf has mental, physical and social benefits. Here are a 10 reasons why you should consider mini golf at Mr. Putty's Fun Park:

10. Miniature golf offers cardiovascular exercise. You can burn around 300 calories during a game of mini golf. Physical activity is very important. After sitting at a desk at school or at work, playing a game of mini golf can be a great way to exercise.

9. Miniature golf encourages using math skills. At each hole, you have to calculate your score. Even though it’s simple math, it is still beneficial for your brain to use math skills.

8. Mini golf improves memory. At every green you have to remember how many strokes you took to reach the hole.

7. Hand-eye coordination is a skill that is improved when playing miniature golf. You have many opportunities to work on hand-eye coordination, which is a fine motor skill and works the central nervous system. As you play you work on precision and decreasing the amount of stokes you need to reach the hole.

6. Mini-Golf courses are created to continuously challenge each player. Every hole is designed with a different obstacle to encourage players to find a creative way to get their ball in the hole.

5. Miniature golf requires patience. Each player gets time to complete their turn so each player needs to wait patiently for their competitors to play. Learning and practicing patience helps each person to work more cooperatively with others. When we respect others around us, they will respect us and others as well. It encourages good sportsmanship. We hope you will celebrate everyone’s accomplishments during your game!

4. When getting ready to putt, each person needs to concentrate on where he/she wants the ball to go so concentration skills are improved during a game of mini golf.

3. How are you going to win? What will your strategy be. Mini golf increases your ability to strategize and work hard to accomplish something!

2. It’s fun! While you're playing mini golf at Mr.PUtty's Fun Park you can talk to others and spend time. You can learn about each other and enjoy each other. It’s great social time!

1. Just about everyone can putt-putt. Families with young children (as young as 2) can enjoy a full game of miniature golf. Mini Golf is the kind of game anyone can get good at. It does not matter how short or tall someone is. It does not matter if you have never played before. Anyone can be good at miniature golf! Anyone can play and feel good about participating!

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