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The Origin of Mr. Putty's Fun Park

The year….. 2015.

The Man…. Mr. Lionel Westley Putty. Born in the land of PUTT-A-ZERUS (Latin for Putt-Putt Paradise) at the North Pole.

The Dream…. To create the World's BEST Family Fun Park centered around an amazing Miniature Golf Course. One that allows families and people age 3 to 103+ to participate in fun outdoor activities. Just like he once created as a Wee-Lad (Child) back in PUTT-A-ZERUS.

The Journey…. Mr. Putty set his sights on a place he heard of in the old wise tales as told by his father Mr. Lionel Westley Putty Sr. back in PUTT-A-ZERUS. Mr. Putty hopped in his golf cart and began his journey to the mystical land he long dreamed of, Fort Tega Cay Mill, South Carolina. His focus on the prized Mini Golf Course within "Mr. Putty's Fun Park".

The Outcome… With the help of so many kind and caring people, Mr. Putty built his Fun Park and realized his ultimate dream to provide a fun and affordable family entertainment experience for people of all ages!