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Fun Park Rides


                                               Bungee Bouncing
Get Your JUMPS / FLIPS / FUN On!! Will You Master The Single or Double, Back Or Front Flip?

1-8 players, 2 Swinging Booms. Who Will Be Last One Standing? MORE PLAYERS=MORE FUN !

2 or 4 Person Basketball Shootout. A Quick Shower For The Loser, Glory For The Winner.
In the Summer swelter, When You Lose On The Shoot-N-Shower You Really WIN !!!

Mechanical Bull (aka MR. CRANKY)
Become the King or Queen of the Mr. Putty's Rodeo Circuit on this Fun and Challenging Attraction

New 2017 Additions:

THE SPACEBALL (Human Gryoscope) - gear up for a two person Space adventure as this ride spins and twists you into the sensation of weightlessness. Used by NASA to train Austronauts for the rigors of Space travel, you too can earn your Space wings on this exciting ride. (Due to the unique and constant change of direction, NO dizziness or nausua occurs)

BALLOON HYDRO BLASTER - up to 4 players using bicycle pumps to inflate water balloons over their competitors heads. Who has what it takes to soak thier opponent in this fast paced exciting challenge attraction.